Fleet Cars

Specialising in all types of fleet work, West Melbourne Smash Repairs will keep your business moving. These days your fleet is more than just driving your staff from one place to the next. When your staff travel for work, they take their office with them. This becomes vital to the function of any business that depends on fleet vehicles. That is why the choice you make to repair your fleet vehicle is a vital one. At West Melbourne Smash Repairs, we know that getting your staff back on the road quickly is what’s important to you. No one wants their business to slow down production from an accident. This will always be a major inconvenience, and can lead to a huge increase in costs.

With the right skills, knowledge and training, we’ll guarantee your fleet vehicle returns to you in top condition. We use the best tools in the industry to ensure quick and efficient repairs. Our pricing policy also guarantees you get the best quality repair for the best price. We aim to keep your insurance premiums to a minimum, and work to maintain the resale value of your vehicles.

When you join our fleet service program, you can expect many benefits that will keep your mind at ease. It all starts with high quality and friendly service. If your driver is involved in an accident, we will offer to transport them to where they need to be. We offer 24-hour/7 days a week towing service if you cannot come to us. To save you time and to make things easy for you, we also provide on-site assessments and quotes. Once your vehicle has been dropped off, be sure to ask us about a loan car that we can arrange to keep you on the road. We will also detail and polish your vehicle, and deliver it to you once the repairs are completed.

These are a just a few of the many benefits that you will find when you join with West Melbourne Smash Repairs.

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