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If you're shopping around and need an online quote pronto, then fill out the provided form below and we'll get back to you with a price and estimated time of completion as soon as possible! Please ensure that you detail this form as best as you can, uploading clear photos of the damage to ensure that we can give you a quote that we can promise to stick to. If there is any doubt about the details that you've provided, we will be sure to call and arrange to come out and see you where we can assess the damage onsite, free of charge!

If the smash wasn't your fault, we'll fix it for free. Visit our Not Your Fault page to make your third-party claim.

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Another way to get a quote from West Melbourne Smash Repairs is through our online quote form (see below). With our ‘upload’ feature, you can get a quote quickly, whether your vehicle can be driven or not. It’s as easy as filling in the details of the accident, and adding the images into the form below. Such details include: your contact, time and place of the accident, and the year, make and model of your vehicle. Then, while you wait for a quote, we’ll assess the damage from our store and be in touch with you as quickly as possible. We will not only provide you with an estimate of the cost for repairs, but we will also tell you the expected time to repair the damage. If there is ever a doubt about the details we receive from you, we will then arrange to come to you and assess the damage onsite, free of charge.

So, whether you give us a call and we come to you, or simply fill in our online form, it’s so easy to get a quote from West Melbourne Smash Repairs. Give us a call or go online today, and we promise to look after you!

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