Loan Car

These days we all live very busy lifestyles. Most of us need a car in our day-to-day lives to get to where we need, hassle free and on time. Whether you need a car to get to work, or just to pick up and drop off the kids to and from school, what would you do if something happened to your car? A busy schedule is hard enough to change at the best of times, and it can send your day into a complete frenzy – it’s the last thing you need to happen. That’s why at West Melbourne Smash Repairs we aim to keep you on the road no matter what.

We know how much nobody likes to be left without their car after an accident. That is why after handing your vehicle over to us for repairs, we can arrange an optional loan car for you, while you wait for your repair. Our loan car network consists of a range of small to medium sized late model vehicles. We make sure that they are always given to you in a first-rate condition for your comfort and peace of mind. That is our commitment to you for having your car repaired with us. So, while your car is off the road and you wait for it to be repaired, you can rest assured that you can still get from A to B.

One quick call to West Melbourne Smash Repairs will easily solve your accident problems. Simply speak to our friendly staff about our loan car service, and you’ll be on your way to getting back on the road again. We’ll answer any questions you may have, and explain how the process works. It’s that easy, and before you know it, you’ll be driving back to work, or picking up the kids from school!

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