Lincoln Loyalty Program

As a bonus extra to our services at West Melbourne Smash Repairs, we extend to you the Lincoln Loyalty Program. As an up-to-date member in this program, you will find five main benefits with which you can claim back from your insurance company. To be able to make a claim using this program, you must hold a program registration card. This has a unique red number on it that gives you access to these benefits for up to 6 months after your last vehicle service. The card will be issued to you upon the service of your vehicle.

The following explains the main benefits of the Lincoln Loyalty Program:

1. Motor Vehicle Excess Reimbursement. Receive up to $400 per at-fault accident. This will depend on the insurance company’s excess clause.

2. Breakdown Towing. This will be available to you right away. You will have your vehicle towed to our service centre in the event of a breakdown or accident. This can be at any time, and up to $100 per claim is available to you.

3. Hotel Accommodation. This is valid if you have an accident or break down 100kms or more away from your home. You can claim up to $200 per day (max three days) for accommodation.

4. Tyre Puncture. If the reason for your break down is a tyre puncture, you will be given $30 towards the repair of that tyre.

5. Windscreen Repair. If your windscreen has been damaged, you will be given $30 towards the repair of that windscreen.

So, be sure to ask our friendly staff about the Lincoln Loyalty Program. It offers many extra benefits to give you peace of mind when things go wrong. At West Melbourne Smash Repairs we’ll put you first, and that’s a promise!

For more information, visit the Lincoln Loyalty Program website.

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